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Blog Tour & Review: Groomed by Elizabeth Melendez Fisher

*Thank you to TLC Book Tours for the gifted copy*

Title: Groomed
Author: Elizabeth Melendez Fisher
Release Date: January 14th, 2020
Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Someone in your past sold you a false story about who you are and what you’re worth. It has been holding you back for too long. Take control of your future.

A staggering one out of three women in America was a victim of sexual abuse at some point in her childhood. No matter how many years it’s been, if that’s your story, those scars are probably still with you. But even if that’s not part of your story, this book is for you. Women today have been groomed for a lot more than just sex.

Using her own story of abuse, family tragedy, and rebellion, Elizabeth Melendez Fisher guides readers toward an understanding that grooming is oftentimes subtle, but it’s always life-altering. In Groomed Fisher incorporates the language and lessons gained over the past decade working with sex trafficking victims and her work in ministry and counseling before that. She draws out five specific ways that women have been groomed, from physical appearance to spirituality to finances, and shows how those manipulative messages have affected the way we see our worth and how they’ve oftentimes stifled and limited us. From there Fisher offers readers a way to overcome their past, starting with the all-important but rarely explored idea of a selah, or a time of rest and reflection, and exploring active ways to forgive and move forward to a new level of freedom.

No one has to be defined by her past. No one has to live for her groomers. It’s time to take a look back at where we came from to escape the messages of our past and take control of our future.

My Review:

Groomed is an eye-opening story about how our past experiences, interactions, and tragedies have had an effect on who we are. The great thing about this story is that Elizabeth Melendez Fisher gives us examples, questions to ask ourselves to reflect and see how we have been ‘Groomed’ so that we can take the next steps to heal and letting go of our past.

Elizabeth Melendez Fisher starts the story by opening up and sharing her personal stories of tragedy and sexual abuse. I appreciated her honesty and openness because I know it is not easy to do. She continues to describe how those moments shaped her life and how that led her to be groomed in a way that made her rebel and take care of her body in a different way.

To see how far she has come is beautiful. And I loved that she uses her experience to help others and make us see that our past does not define who we are. It won’t happen over night, but by using some of Elizabeth’s techniques it can happen.

I think everyone can benefit from this book because we have all been ‘Groomed’ in some way.

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

I give Groomed 5 stars. It’s tragic yet enlightening story that is beneficial for personal growth and development. Being ‘Groomed’ doesn’t define who we are and Elizabeth Melendez Fisher gives us the tools to embrace our true selves.

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Connect with Elizabeth

Selah Freedom Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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