Book Review

Book Review: The Catalyst by Selin Senol-Akin

Thank you to Selin Senol-Akin for the gifted copy.
Title: The Catalyst
Author: Selin Senol-Akin
Release Date: April 1st, 2020
Publisher: Books and Smith

Beautiful Kaitlin has recently married oil expert Paul Maverick and left her thriving life in Toronto in order to accompany him in his professional post amongst a scenic yet slower-paced life in Stavanger, Norway. As newlywed bliss subsides faster than expected, she is left with little to do at home but wait for husband to come home and feels she almost dreams into life the excitement she finds running into handsome Finn and his peculiar group of friends who work and live in the Scandinavian woods.

The thrill of keeping what she feels is an innocent secret of childish playtime -exploring nature and talking philosophy with these new people in her life- soon turns into something more wicked, as Kaitlin discovers sinister intentions behind their friendly façade, and even otherworldliness, as she ponders whether or not they’re even human.

Who is the murdered young woman on TV and why is Paul so interested in her story? Who are these ‘forest beings’ that entice so much yet reveal so little? Was it coincidence that brought them into her life or did they seek her out? And why? What will happen when those closest to her find out about her lies to meet with them in secret? More importantly, what will Kaitlin learn about her own true character?

My Review:

The Catalyst is a thriller that catches your attention within the first chapters. It’s mysterious and bewitching. Selin Senol-Akin gives readers an alluring and intriguing introduction that makes you want to keep reading. As the story progresses and more is revealed, this author wows with the shock factor.

The story follows Kaitlin as she travels to Norway with her new husband Paul for his new job as an oil expert. This is a different lifestyle and finds herself at home most days waiting for her husband to come home. One day changed it all. On a walk, she meets Finn and some of his friends. She gets a vibe from them knowing immediately that something is different about them. But it’s probably just the culture so she puts it on the back burner.

Life as a stay-at-home wife is becoming boring for her and she wants that spark back. She and Paul bicker at the smallest things but are trying to work on it. He pushes her to make friends. She steps out of her comfort zone and becomes friends with a co-workers wife. He is happy and notices a positive change in her attitude, but she is keeping a secret. Kaitlin has been spending more time with Finn and his friends.

As I got further into the book, I realize that there is more to the story. Lies that are kept secret made it more suspenseful and mysterious. The way the author created a specific connection between the characters was brilliant. I admit that there were moments that gave me chills and made me question everyone’s intentions. The supernatural aspect was good because it too added to the mystery of the story.

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

I give The Catalyst 4 stars. It is a chilling thriller that has an ending that you won’t see coming. If you enjoy a domestic thriller with mystery and intrigue, then you should definitely give this book a read.

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