Book Review

Book Review: Into the Deep by Robert D. Ballard

Thank you to TLC Book Tours for the gifted copy.
Title: Into the Deep
Author(s): Robert D. Ballard
Release Date: May 11, 2021
Publisher: National Geographic
Genre(s): Nonfiction, Memoir, Science

Best known for finding the doomed ship Titanic, celebrated adventurer Robert Ballard has a lifetime of stories about exploring the ocean depths. Now he gets personal, telling the stories behind his most exciting discoveries-including how a top-secret naval mission provided the opportunity for his Titanic discovery-and opens up about his private tragedies. He frankly recounts the struggles he has worked through, rising to prominence as a scientist whose celebrity drew academic scorn. And he reveals the triumph and agony in the years after his Titanic find: While media around the world clamored for interviews, he confronted the death of his 20-year-old son as well as the collapse of his marriage amid academic and military career demands. Finally, he addresses his late-in-life discovery of his own dyslexia, which he now sees as a gift that has shaped his life and accomplishments.
Brilliant, insightful, and surprising, Into the Deep is the definitive story of the dangers and discoveries, conflicts and triumphs that have shaped the remarkable life of an American hero.

My Review:

I have always been fascinated with everything Titanic so I couldn’t wait to read a story by the man who found the shipwreck site. Bob Ballard is a well-known oceanographer and scientist and this book gives a look into his life from his young life to the now.

I really liked that he shared his personal stories. He went through a tough time when he lost his son and also when his marriage was falling apart. But he found the beauty in every situation and that led him to find his place in the world. He also shares wonderful and breathtaking pictures of the ocean.

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

I give Into the Deep 4 stars. It’s a great look at the life of a well-known scientist. The author is vulnerable and relatable when he mentions his dyslexia and personal struggles and inspiring when he mentions his love of the ocean and science. All around it was a fulfilling read and I highly recommend it!

One thought on “Book Review: Into the Deep by Robert D. Ballard

  1. I love all things Titanic as well, so I’d probably really enjoy this. Thank you for being on this tour! Sara @ TLC Book Tours


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