Book Review

Book Review: Delia Suits Up by Amanda Aksel

Thank you to the author and Berkley Books for the ARC.
Title: Delia Suits Up
Author(s): Amanda Aksel
Release Date: August 3, 2021
Publisher: Berkley Books
Genre(s): Fiction, Romance

If you had one day to rewrite the rules you live by, would you? Delia Reese takes the financial world by storm in this breakout novel that’s 13 Going on 30 meets She’s the Man.

Just once, Delia Reese wants to be the one calling the shots—not the one waiting to be called. Despite her stellar resume, hiring managers at the big banks won’t give her a chance.

Following yet another failed interview, Delia commiserates with her roommates and drunkenly finds herself wishing she had the advantages that come with being a man. If society wasn’t locked into gender roles, she’d be climbing the corporate ladder in designer heels with no apologies. By morning, her mirror reflects a surprising makeover.

Now that the world sees her as a man, Delia’s determined to double down on society’s double standards. With a smart suit and powerfully pink necktie, she hits New York’s financial district with a big gamble in mind.

My Review:

Delia Suits Up is an entertaining women’s fiction that will hook readers with a unique plot. Amanda Askel tackles the subject of sexism in the workplace to a T.

Delia is a smart and talented woman who is looking for a new job in the business and finance world. She has all the qualifications but because she is a woman she normally gets overlooked. Delia is down in the dumps just as her birthday is approaching. Her friends try to cheer her up with a fun night of drinks and Truth or Dare. Delia makes a birthday wish to be a man so she could finally get the job she wants and the recognition she deserves. And when she wakes up the next morning, her wish came true. Delia is Richard Allen.

Being a man is different territory for Delia so she doesn’t even know where to begin. But you can already sense newfound confidence in her. After she and her friends get over the initial shock, they convince her to go into the firm she applied for and demand that job. First things first, she has to get her phone back. She ends up hearing important information about a deal. So, she goes into the office and pretends to be an important colleague. She is soon making her mark in the office. Her dialogue is funny and witty. And there is even a bit of romance that readers will swoon over.

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

I give Delia Suits Up 4 stars. It’s a book that gives you a perspective on women in the workplace. The author does it in an effective way that doesn’t come off in a complaining way but in a way that admits the hard truth. I loved the anticipation of the romance between Delia and her best friend Eric. So many good things about this book!!

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