Book Review

Book Review: Hooked by Sutton Foster

Thank you to Grand Central Publishing for the gifted copy.
Title: Hooked
Author(s): Sutton Foster
Release Date: Octoberer 12, 2021
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Genre(s): Autobiography, Nonfiction

From the 2-time Tony Award-winner and the star of TV’s Younger, funny and intimate stories and reflections about how crafting has kept her sane while navigating the highs and lows of family, love, and show business (and how it can help you, too).

Whether she’s playing an “age-defying” book editor on television or dazzling audiences on the Broadway stage, Sutton Foster manages to make it all look easy. How? Crafting. From the moment she picked up a cross stitch needle to escape the bullying chorus girls in her early performing days, she was hooked. Cross stitching led to crocheting, crocheting led to collages, which led to drawing, and so much more. Channeling her emotions into her creations centered Sutton as she navigated the significant moments in her life and gave her tangible reminders of her experiences. Now, in this charming and poignant collection, Sutton shares those moments, including her fraught relationship with her agoraphobic mother;  a painful divorce splashed on the pages of the tabloids; her struggles with fertility; the thrills she found on the stage during hit plays like Thoroughly Modern Millie, Anything Goes, and Violet; her breakout TV role in Younger; and the joy of adopting her daughter, Emily. Accompanying the stories, Sutton has included crochet patterns, recipes, and so much more!

Witty and poignant, Hooked will leave readers entertained as well as inspire them to pick up their own cross stitch needles and paintbrushes.

My Review:

Hooked is a beautiful memoir about how crafting helped Sutton Foster through her toughest/darkest of times. It’s elegant, meaningful, and genuine. A great combination for a page-turner.

I became a fan of Sutton’s when I watched Younger. Her character on the show, Liza, is so likable and relatable and I just loved her performance with each episode. I didn’t know much about her as a person so I was very excited when I learned she was coming out with her own book.

As I started reading it, I realized how pure her heart is and how passionate she is about her craft. Her childhood wasn’t the easiest and neither was her relationship with her mother. But Sutton always appeared to handle the difficult times with grace and really the best way she knew how.

She begins to describe her appreciation for crafting and crocheting. Readers can quickly pick up the correlation to using crocheting as a coping mechanism. It didn’t mean that she only crafted during the bad times. She shared moments with co-star/friend Peter Herrmann and it is beautiful to see how crocheting was used for so many happy memories between the two.

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Overall, I think this is a unique and sincere memoir from such a talented and respected woman. I give Hooked 4 stars. I know this will be a favorite amongst her fans. Anyone can relate to this book because its about a journey about coming into oneself and accepting yourself.

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