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Blog Tour: Maggie’s Ruse by Anne Leigh Parrish

Title: Maggie’s Ruse

Author: Anne Leigh Parrish

Release Date: October 1st, 2019

Publisher: Unsolicited Press


Maggie and Marta Dugan are identical twins. Their relationship has the usual sisterly strains, until home alone one afternoon, Maggie masquerades as Marta when a friend of hers drops by. The ruse is quickly discovered, a rift between the sisters ensues, and they go their separate ways. But living apart is hard; real independence harder still. Will they come back together? How long until each realizes she needs the other to feel whole?

My Review:

Double trouble. Those are two words you hear often when you are a twin. I would know because I am a twin! Maggie’s Ruse is an insightful look at one of the most unique bonds between a set of twins.

Anne Leigh Parrish wrote about twins Maggie and Marta Dugan as they are trying to find their own identities. One day, Maggie pretends to be her sister Marta and the ruse begins. This causes tension between the sisters and makes them question who they are.

I enjoyed getting to see the similarities and differences between Maggie and Marta. I thought the author did a great job of highlighting the struggles that come with being a twin. When family members and friends start mentioning that they need to separate and be on their own, it acted as the catalyst to them wanting to force change.

Their self-discovery journey has its ups and downs and I really think the time apart made them realize something important in that they don’t have to be apart to follow their own dreams.


I give Maggie’s Ruse 4 stars. The author sets the story up well-enough to let the characters grow throughout the book. As a twin, I appreciated this story and the beauty of its truth!

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3 thoughts on “Blog Tour: Maggie’s Ruse by Anne Leigh Parrish

  1. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be a twin but I fully believe twins are connected through and through. Which is a fascinating to think about how that would feel. Anyways- thank you for being on this tour! Sara @ TLC Book Tours

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