Book Review

Postscript by Cecelia Ahern

*Thank you to Grand Central Publishing for the gifted copy*

Title: Postscript
Author: Cecelia Ahern
Release Date: February 11th, 2020
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

Sixteen years after Cecelia Ahern’s bestselling phenomenon PS, I Love You captured the hearts of millions, the long-awaited sequel follows Holly as she helps strangers leave their own messages behind for loved ones.

Seven years after her husband’s death — six since she read his final letter — Holly Kennedy has moved on with her life. When Holly’s sister asks her to tell the story of the “PS, I Love You” letters on her podcast — to revisit the messages Gerry wrote before his death to read after his passing — she does so reluctantly, not wanting to reopen old wounds.

But after the episode airs, people start reaching out to Holly, and they all have one thing in common: they’re terminally ill and want to leave their own missives behind for loved ones. Suddenly, Holly finds herself drawn back into a world she’s worked tirelessly to leave behind — but one that leads her on another incredible, life-affirming journey.

With her trademark blend of romance, humor, and bittersweet life lessons, Postscript is the perfect follow-up to Ahern’s beloved first novel.

My Review:

Postscript by Cecelia Ahern takes readers on an emotional rollercoaster that takes your breath away. It is the sequel to the phenomenal P.S I Love You and Cecelia’s writing continues to grab your attention and tug at your heartstrings.

In this book, we meet Holly Kennedy seven years after Gerry’s death. She is still dealing with her loss in her own way and continue to move on with her life the best way she knows how. When her sister asks her to talk about Gerry and his letters on a podcast, more people want to know more. People start reaching out and seeking advice to write their own letters. Those who are reaching out are terminally ill. This is a tough decision to make. If she goes helps these individuals she can truly make a difference but is helping going to be too hard for her emotionally?

I absolutely loved Cecelia’s writing and story. She is honest about the grieving process and stayed true to her characters. I also liked the flashback sequences. By doing this she allowed readers to understand that once you lose someone, they don’t vanish from your thoughts. It was heartbreaking to see that Holly was still trying to find her place in the world, but I am so happy with the ending. She was able to heal through helping others. It was beautiful to see that Gerry was still in her life in some way!!

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

I give Postscript 5 stars. It is a beautiful sequel that continues to shine a light on the struggles of dealing with a loss and reminds us that healing doesn’t happen overnight. The character Holly Kennedy is a gem.

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